Performance Measurement (PuMP) workshop by Stacey Barr
Performance Measurement (PuMP) workshop by Stacey Barr
28 - 29 October 2015
€ 1850
Performance measurement is something everyone struggles with...

That’s because you are still held down by the exhausting struggles very commonly associated with performance measurement, across all industries, sectors and cultures:

  • Struggling to measure a strategy that seems immeasurable and is filled with vague words like efficient, effective, sustainable, quality, reliability and productive
  • Struggling to find good measures that meaningfully track results, not activity
  • Struggling to get people engaged in measurement, so they buy-in and have ownership to improve performance

To get great measures, you need to take a fresh approach, an approach that knows about those struggles and gives practical direction on how to avoid or overcome them.

PuMP is that approach, and it’s been helping thousands of people around the world, in all sectors and organisation sizes and industries. 

At the PuMP Blueprint Workshop, you will:

  • Discover how-to tools and techniques that will put a stop to virtually all the struggles you are having with performance measurement now
  • Practice the tools and techniques so you all go back to work knowing exactly how to implement what you learn, in your own businesses or organisations
  • Make headway on your business plans and measures during the workshop, as opposed to a traditional training event that is only theory
  • Develop your own capability to measure what matters and make it easier to get the most from the advice and services you offer them

What will you learn?

The PuMP® Performance Measure Blueprint Workshop is a framework to redesign an organisation’s performance measurement process. The emphasis is on practical techniques and templates, real-life case studies, and time for you to practice what you learn with support from experts.

You will:

  • Make your strategy measurable and easier to communicate and cascade
  • Select and design performance measures that are far more meaningful than brainstorming or benchmarking ever can produce
  • Get buy-in from staff and stakeholders to enthusiastically own performance measurement and improvement
  • Bring your measures to life in a consistent way, using the right data and with the right ownership
  • Design insightful and actionable reports and dashboards that focus discussion on improvement
  • Clearly see the real signals from your measures about whether performance is improving or not
  • Convincingly hit your performance targets, and make measurement about transformation, not about blame or covering your butt!
“Stacey, the workshop that you ran was revelational - truly. Simply put, the single most important question that I took away with me was a question you asked of me on the second morning: ‘What do you define as success for the organisation?’ Well I've got to say that question took me about two or three days to answer properly. As a result, it's strengthened the focus in our organisation about what matters most.” -- Todd MacDougall, CEO, Corcom 

“Before I attended the workshop, I was reacting to requests for performance reports... With the knowledge that I have gained, I have created a report suite that shows our performance clearly at all levels of management and also at the process level. These reports are now used widely throughout the branch by the extended management team and in other areas of the company. The knowledge that I have gained though the workshop has enabled me to grow into my role as a performance measurement champion…” -- Fiona Issel, Senior Distribution Design Support Officer, Western Power

“The BSC Institute just this morning informed me that they have awarded Douglas County the 2011 Award for Excellence and so much of that recognition goes to you Stacey for being my "measure mentor" for the past year plus from your self-study to last November's PuMP® in San Francisco… I cannot tell you how many times I bring people back to your measure design model and see it work time and time again.” -- Jerry Stigall, Director, Organization Development, Strategy, & Policy, Douglas County Government

“So far this training has met and exceeded my expectations! I am a program evaluator by training and specialize in data visualization. I learned about Stacey from Stephen Few at a training of his last year and am so glad that he referred me to you. This process will enhance the work I am doing right now with my clients and help them better measure their social sector organizations' impact.” -- Veronica Smith, MSEE, Managing Director, data2insight (

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