Agile Business Intelligence Conference 2013
Agile Business Intelligence Conference 2013
04 December 2013

Agile, Lean and Kanban - friends or foes?, Michael Mahlberg

More and more new words come up in the context of Agile, now that Agile itself has "crossed the chasm" and is accepted as the de-facto standard of software development. But even though a lot of these new terms fit under the Agile umbrella as defined in the "Agile Manifesto" it is sometimes hard to get to the bottom of these concepts.

This presentation does exactly that - it goes to the bottom of Agile, Lean and Kanban. Without much ado we'll revisit the fundamental ideas behind Agile and then investigate Lean and the Kanban Method in comparison. Not only will you get introduced more closely to Kanbans, WIP-Limits and the pull principle, but I'll also share my experience how the different approaches fit together and complement each other in various settings.
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The route to become an Agile BI-Organisation, Wouter Kolenbrander 

 Wouter is Analyst within the Business Intelligence team of Rijkswaterstaat. He is responsible for the functional management of the BI environment. He is working on the implementation of process improvements in the design of new reports. And at last is one of his task the introduction of Scrum as a working methodology. Wouter will share his knowledge he has gained with the route he has taken to become an Agile BI-organisation
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Data Vault and Agile BI, process, Tom Breur

 There are excellent reasons why Data Vault and Agile BI go together so well. In particular in the Netherlands, we’ve seen disproportionate adoption of Data Vault style modelling. Some people are so adamant that Data Vault is the way forward, that you’d almost begin to think it’s like a religion. Maybe you are wondering: “what is this fuss around Data Vault all about?” Maybe you are sceptic about creating another layer in your BI environment, and would like to hear “when and why does it makes sense to build a Data Vault.” Either way, you will not be persuaded to drink any Kool-Aid during this presentation, and still appreciate what Data Vault can do for your BI project.
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Data Vault and Agile BI, Technical, Hans Hultgren

How is it that Data Vault supports Agile BI so well? What about the other new approaches? In this session we break down the characteristics of the data modeling approaches that support data warehouse agility. 

Using a Modeling Pattern Characteristics analysis, Hans will in this session compare leading Ensemble modeling methods and their unique capabilities for supporting features of your EDW program. 

These include Data Vault, Anchor Modeling, Focal Point,and Hyper Agility modeling. What are the strengths andwhat are the weaknesses for each approach? How are they deployed and what do each meanfor our overall DWBI architecture? Topics covered in this session also include Unified Decomposition, the definition and purpose of Raw versus BDW layers, the role of the Information Model related to our EDW, and a discussion on where and how to apply automation tooling and techniques.
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Data Driven Strategy, Arent van 't Spijker

An increasing number of companies is looking to monetize the value of its data. More and more, data is being valued as an asset rather than as a byproduct of the primary process of production and sales. 

Data Driven Strategy is the approach to creating sustainable income from data. However, this approach impacts both an organisation's busines model and its technology, such as data quality, 
data warehousing and reporting. Arent van 't Spijker will demonstrate in a number of case studies how agile methodologies help to effective shape a Data Driven Strategy. 

“When” rather than the “How” of decision making., Olav Maassen
While HOW to make decisions is important, the WHEN to make decisions is critical to your chances of success. Olav Maassen presents Real Options, an approach he has been working on since 2006 with Chris Matts that focuses on the “When” rather than the “How” of decision making. Timing is everything, however deferring commitments causes stress to many people. Real options helps you manage that stress by creating bounded uncertainty in an context of total uncertainty. This is not a simple process that you copy and learn to adopt through practice. This is a new way at looking at the world around you that starts by learning to differentiate between options and commitments. Olav helps do this through an interactive exercise. It turns out that the way you manage your options is to focus on commitments and attempt to avoid or defer them. After identifying commitments, Olav discuss creating options to turn the commitments into reversible commitments. Olav and Chris have recently created “Commitment”, the first graphic business novel about managing project risk. Because they eat their own dog food Real Options plays a big part in the creation part of the book as well. Olav presents the creation process as a case study about applying Real Options and how that leads to different behavior. Finally Olav presents a number of mini case studies where other people have applied Real Option thinking in “out of the box” situations. Once you get it, it will change your life.
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Workshop: The lean and agile toolbox - hands on experience with the building blocks of successful project work, Michael Mahlberg

 In this three hour tutorial Michael Mahlberg guides the participants through a project simulation and shows some of the core techniques and principles of lean and Agile project work in a life-like


Topics covered include:

-       Why and how do WIP-limits work?

-       What is behind the 5 Whys?

-       How to implement the famous PDCA-Cycle

-       Is it really possible to diagnose a project based on CFDs? (Cumulative Flow Diagrams)

All of this (and more - you're welcome to bring your own questions) not only in theory but with hands-on examples and simulations

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